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You’ve heard the phrase, “What a difference a day makes”? Well working with Jane Deuber it’s more like what a difference an hour makes! I invested a great deal of money last year to coach with the best in the speaking and information marketing industry. But no sales were coming in. I had all the pieces in place, paid my dues, set my intention to succeed and took action quickly…so why no sales? I was on the edge of a disaster when I found Jane. In one hour she pinpointed the piece I was missing. She helped me sculpt my message to appeal to women – my target audience. Within one week I had a new client, and within two weeks I had finally sold my first information marketing tele-class for $800 more than I was offering it before my consult with Jane! If you market to women, you need Jane. She will turn your world upside down and help you position it just the way you need to, to succeed.

Lori Hanson
Founder & CEO Learn2Balance.

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